What to Do When You Witness a Dog Attack

Dog, Attack

Dog attacks happen everywhere, even in places like brampton that have established bans on dangerous breeds. As recently as summer of 2015, a vicious dog attack occurred on Burton Street and several people became involved. One man subdued the dog after seeing it turning on its owner in the middle of the night, and neighbours reported that the attack caused the victim a lot of damage. Had the victim not been the owner of the dog, they would have rightfully gotten in touch with a personal injury lawyer. Brampton has dog bites reported every year. What do you do if you witness one?

Get Emergency Help

Call 911 as soon as you can when you see anything more than a simple bite. If someone is severely injured, don’t try to move them as you may cause further damage. Let medical professionals aid the victim, and you can make sure that you contact information gets passed along so they can reach you later on. brampton personal injury lawyers deal with animal attack cases all the time, and do their best to get compensation for victims. You can help people get financial assistance for their injuries by coming forward as a witness to a dog attack.

Recording Your Account

After an individual or their family member is bit by a dog, they will typically contact personal injury lawyers. brampton offers a number of lawyers who are passionate about fighting for animal attack victims. As a witness to an attack, you can provide valuable insight that will help the victim or their family receive compensation for the injury or loss that occurred. Write down what happened as soon as you can and give your contact information to the victim or their family so they can reach out to you later for your story.