What to Watch for When Your Child is Around a Strange Dog

Child, Strange. Dog

If you aren’t watchful when your child is around a strange dog, you could wind up having to call a personal injury lawyer. Brampton , like all neighbourhoods in Toronto, has a strict ban on the ownership of pit bulls, dog breeds who have a notorious reputation for biting adults and children alike. Since the ban, dog bite reports have gone down, but it’s still important to keep a watchful eye on children while they’re around strange dogs.

Look for Tense, Alert Body Language

Friendly, submissive dogs will happily look away from people and children, sniff the ground, and pay no mind to strangers because they don’t feel threatened. Their tails will wag and they may pant and approach people to seek out attention. Threatened dogs will remain tense and alert, and keep their tails stiff. They will try to stand tall and assert that they are the boss, and will keep a close eye on those they feel are a threat to their territory or pack. If you see a dog acting like around your child, step in and remove the child from the situation before the dog lashes out. If you don’t learn to recognize dangerous body language in dogs, you could wind up having to hire one of the many personal injury lawyers Brampton has to offer to take up an animal attack claim.

Make Sure Your Child Approaches the Dog Correctly

Training kids how to behave around strange dogs is important, unless you want to start searching for an injury lawyer. brampton has a healthy population of pet dogs, and while most people train their dogs to act docile in public, any dog can become stressed and fearful if a child approaches it screaming and yelling. Teach kids to calmly and respectfully approach dogs with parental supervision.