What to Do After a Car Accident Related Injury

Getting into a car accident can be a scary thing, even in an area like Brampton. It’s easy to let adrenaline get to your head and take over which can lead to all kinds of complications. When you aren’t thinking with a clear mind you tend to make mistakes, such as overlooking injuries that you may not feel at the time or failing to take down crucial information. Rather than try to rely on your instincts when you run into trouble, if you happen to find yourself suffering from an injury related to a car accident, keep the below tips in mind to ensure that the incident resolves itself as efficiently as possible.

Speak to the Police

No matter how simple the accident may seem, it’s essential that you call the police if they don’t show up on their own. There are several reasons for this. The first is that an official police record will be a crucial part of any personal injury claims you may need to file in the future. After you’ve given a full account to the police and they’ve analyzed the scene, all of this evidence can then go directly to your car accident lawyer. Brampton’s police force, Peel Regional, has an excellent reputation and documentation taken from their department will hold a lot more weight than any photographs and notes you may have taken on your own.

See a Doctor

The most important thing you can do after any accident is immediately see a doctor. If an EMT is called to the site along with the police allow them to give you a full examination and follow them to the hospital if you’re instructed to do so. This will not only ensure that any injuries you may have are treated, but it also creates a solid record of the fact that these injuries occurred as a direct result of the accident itself. When you wait too long to report an injury it can cause issues when you file a personal injury claim. Insurance companies and other opposing parties may try to claim that you got the injury elsewhere if you wait a week or more to file, and seeing a doctor right away eliminates that possibility. Between the documentation from the police and the documentation from medical personnel at the scene of the accident it’s no longer your word against theirs. You have a medical professional and the police force on your side as well.