Should You Seek a Settlement or a Win?

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From the Spinal Cord Society of Canada headquarters to the headquarters of the Colleen Syrja Scholarship Fund, Thunder Bay has always been a community that cares deeply about society and about its residents. We try to bring that into our work by providing top notch legal advice and aid when in need. One issue that we see with our clients again and again is a question of settlement versus winning: which is better?

Wins Are Publicly Shaming

For a lot of people who file personal injury claims, it’s not enough that their expenses are paid for and they get something for the pain and suffering they and their loved ones went through. A lot of the time, they’re really looking for public blame. They want it on the record that the negligence of a third party hurt them. They want the responsible party to fry in the court of public opinion. Part of accepting a settlement is often agreeing not to talk about it anymore. They won’t be able to make it public, and they won’t be able to bring further attention to the matter.

Even though settlements are often accepted because of the guaranteed payouts, many people who accept them feel like they lost their right to speak out. It can haunt them if they feel they didn’t do enough.

Settlements Are a Sure Thing

Wins are a lot more difficult to obtain than settlements. No case is so airtight that there’s not a chance that the defendant will win. For this reason, most lawyers will recommend that their clients accept a settlement as long as it reaches a certain amount of money. That’s still considered a favourable outcome to the case, and that way the injured party is assured that they’re going to get something. If making sure that you get financial aid is most important to you, settlements are what you should be aiming for.