What To Do When You See Someone Slip And Fall

All it takes is one off step for a slip and fall injury to happen. Everyone’s watching their step as they go about, but sometimes accidents happen. Not just to yourself, but to people around you. Slips and falls often happen in public spaces, but much harder to find is someone who directly witnesses it. Too often people only pay attention when they hear the resulting crash. If you witness a slip and fall, here’s what you should do to help the person who fell.

Get Medical Help

Their health is first priority. While people might crowd around the person to check on them, few take the step to call medical services. Speak to the person who fell. Sometimes it just sounds bad, but they are okay to go on their way. If they are in a lot of pain or unable to respond, though, you need to step up. Be the one to call 911 and relay everything you know about their condition.

Take Photos Of The Condition

Check around the area of the fall. Sometimes slips just result from a badly placed foot. Often, though, there’s some part of the environment that contributed toward the fall. Once the person is off getting medical attention, take specific notes about the environment. Writing it down helps, taking photographs is even better. Photographs provide a good record of what’s there, but also note weather or noise levels that might have played a part. Avoid taking photos of the injured person themselves, as it can be distressing.

Give Them Your Contact Info

None of this can be of help to the person if they don’t know it exists. If possible, let the person know somehow that you witnessed the fall and would be willing to talk about it. Just a name and email will do. There’s no guarantee they will pursue a claim. If they do, though, you will be a valuable resource.