Rules That Every Parent Needs to Make for Their Home Pool

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There are plenty of public pools in Ottawa that can serve a family well during the summer months. But, some families decide to get a home pool instead. This can be fun for family and friends of all kinds, but it’s always important to remember pool safety no matter how casual the setting might be. If a parent is going to be responsible for both their own kids and others, then it’s important to set a strict set of pool safety rules and to make sure that the kids abide by them.

No Running around the Pool

Every year in Ottawa, hundreds of cases are brought to law firms because someone suffered from a slip and fall accident around a pool. Floors can get slippery and dangerous around pools, so it’s always important that kids don’t run on those surfaces. A child can easily slip and fall and suffer from serious injuries. Keep kids safe by making sure they follow the rule of never running on wet and slippery surfaces.

Kids Shouldn’t Be Left Unattended

Even if there are other kids around to keep an eye on things and call out for an adult if they need help, it’s always a good idea to keep an adult near the pool at all times. If a child is in trouble, other kids might not notice right away or might not know what to do right away. Avoid situations where a child might get hurt by staying close to the pool at all times and keeping your eyes and ears open.

Always Have the Proper Safety Gear

Certain toys for the pool can not only be fun, but they can also be necessary. When it comes to younger children, or kids that might not be so great at swimming yet, it’s always important to keep the necessary safety gear around such as flotation toys. There are plenty of shops in Ottawa where a parent can purchase toys that can help keep swimmers of all ages safe in their pool.