Reducing Your Liability When You Have an Unruly Animal

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Keeping pets is a fun and rewarding activity. There’s a good reason why over 35% of Canadian households have a dog! Raising companion animals is not always as easy as it seems, however. What if your pet displays violent, unruly, or uncontrollable behavior? You may not want to get rid of the animal, but you also don’t want to be held liable if your pet attacks and injures somebody. In order to keep your pet safely, take these steps to keep your liability at a low level.

Keep a Well Maintained Fence On Your Property

Especially when dealing with dogs, make sure your property is well fenced. That means that it should be high enough that animals can’t jump over it. Make sure your dog can’t dig its way out, either. Repair any damage to your fence as soon as you see it. Holes that your dog can squeeze out of are no good, and should be patched right away. This reduces the likelihood that your animal will antagonize another.

Never Let Your Animal Out Around Strangers

Unruly animals are often very unpredictable around strangers and people they haven’t met before. If you aren’t careful, that could be the trigger for a vicious attack. Keep yourself and others safe by putting your pet up in a secure location when you’ll have new company over. Avoid taking your animal to loud places with lots of people. These simple steps can avoid an attack.

Maintain a Watchful Eye on Your Pet All the Time

Finally, keep in mind that it’s ultimately your responsibility to keep your pet from harming others. As long as you want to avoid an injury claim, you should always supervise your pet. Never leave them unattended with strangers or children. You can continue to enjoy your animal’s presence without concern. With these steps, you won’t need to worry about an unexpected attack.