Wrongful Death

Nothing’s worse than having to deal with the loss of a loved one. Accidents are difficult enough to have to deal with when someone close to you is involved, and when the end result is a death it’s catastrophic. Very quickly you’ll find your time consumed with things such as tidying up their financial estate and arranging their funeral. The last thing you want to worry about is how you’re going to pay for it all or how you’re going to get justice for your departed loved one.

A quality Brampton injury law firm will take as much of that burden off of your shoulders as is humanly possible. Our firm specializes in wrongful death cases where the departed was killed through no fault of their own. The causes can range from medical negligence to murder and are often accompanied by criminal charges. The key difference is that the standard of proof for a wrongful death case is much lower, making it easier for you to find justice when the criminal system is incapable of doing so. While successful criminal charges can help strengthen a civil case, ultimately the two are separate and you can win one without victory in the other.

What this means for you is that regardless of any criminal proceedings you have the right to file a civil suit yourself against the party that caused the death of your loved one, and our firm has the experience necessary to make sure your case settles quickly and painlessly.

You may also qualify to file for survival actions. These are additional damages awarded in a successful wrongful death case where the survivor is suffering as a result of the passing of their loved one. This may occur on behalf of a young child if their parent is murdered, for example. Our firm can help you determine whether or not you or any of the deceased distributes qualify for this action.

As much as you don’t want to have to focus on the legal part of a devastating life event, you also want to make sure it’s handled right. No other personal injury law firm in Brampton has the team necessary to handle your case the right way. There are time deadlines involved for filing wrongful death suits, however, so make sure you act fast. The sooner you call our firm the sooner we can help you find justice.