Work Related Injuries

In some lines of work you expect injuries to happen. The risk is just a part of the job when you do manual labor, constantly bending over and putting strain on your back. Or when you sign up as a police officer knowing that any day you could end up with a bullet through your shoulder or worse. But regardless of the work environment your employer owes it to you to provide you with a working environment that keeps you safe and healthy.

If you’ve suffered a work related injury here in Brampton there are two things you absolutely must do. The first is make notes about when and where your pains started to occur, then further notes every time they return again. This will help your personal injury lawyers build a pattern based case. If you’re experiencing lower back pain every time you bend over to pick up a box at work that could be a sign that you’re being asked to do manual labor without proper equipment, leading to a situation that’s dangerous for your health. Any injury that’s only flaring up when you’re doing something at your job, or an injury that only started happening when you took on a certain responsibility or task on site, qualifies as a work related injury.

The second is seeing a doctor right away, preferably one that’s aware of your medical history. This way they can verify that the source of your illness or injury is in fact your work environment and not a result of a previous injury or condition that you have. Insurance companies will do everything they can to avoid paying you what you owe so it’s important that you have every scrap of information on your site that you can gather.

Our local Brampton injury lawyers are experts at making sure that no matter who’s refusing to pay, whether it’s your insurance company or your employer, you get your fair settlement. If your insurance company or employer tells you that you can only expect some compensation for your medical bills and none for the time you missed off of work, don’t settle. You’re entitled to every cent that you were out as a result of your injury, including 100% of your medical bills and full pay for every day of work you missed as a direct result of your pain and suffering. Don’t let them add insult to injury.