Slip and Fall

While television and movies often make fun of people who slip and fall on things like puddles and banana peels, slip and fall accidents are no joking matter. Slipping on a slick patch on the floor or tripping over an unkempt piece of pavement can lead to serious injuries. It can also happen on sets of stairs that fail to do things like offer slip guard strips on each step or a railing for you to hold on to.

When you’re hurt as a result of a slip on someone else’s property you end up with a mountain of medical bills to deal with, from chiropractors to hospital services to medications. It all piles up and even with good insurance it can put you back quite a bit. On top of that your injury may keep you from going to work, either because you’re bed ridden or due to the fact that your broken leg keeps you from being able to stand all day like your job requires. You shouldn’t be out money because of an accident that wasn’t your fault, and personal injury law firms in Brampton can help you figure out how to get the compensation you deserve for your pain and suffering.

The owner of the property is held liable for any and all injuries that happen on his or her property as a result of their negligence. What this means is that if your injury happens because they failed to keep up the place they’re at fault for your injuries, and that means you can file a personal injury case against them. If a business has failed to install a hand rail in their stairwell or doesn’t mop up puddles and spills in a timely fashion that qualifies as negligent behavior that can lead directly to an injury.

Not every personal injury law firm in Brampton can provide you with attorneys that have such specific experience, but our firm can. We are more than just a general personal injury firm and we recognize that not all personal injury cases are created equal. What you need to do in an animal attack case is much different than what you’d need to do in a medical malpractice case, and these both stand apart from what a slip and fall case requires. If you want the best, call the experts who know that your case deserves individual care and attention.