What To Do When You See Someone Slip And Fall

All it takes is one off step for a slip and fall injury to happen. Everyone’s watching their step as they go about, but sometimes accidents happen. Not just to yourself, but to people around you. Slips and falls often happen in public spaces, but much harder to find is someone who directly witnesses it. Too often people only pay attention when they hear the resulting crash. If you witness a slip and fall, here’s what you should do to help the person who fell.

Get Medical Help

Their health is first priority. While people might crowd around the person to check on them, few take the step to call medical services. Speak to the person who fell. Sometimes it just sounds bad, but they are okay to go on their way. If they are in a lot of pain or unable to respond, though, you need to step up. Be the one to call 911 and relay everything you know about their condition.

Take Photos Of The Condition

Check around the area of the fall. Sometimes slips just result from a badly placed foot. Often, though, there’s some part of the environment that contributed toward the fall. Once the person is off getting medical attention, take specific notes about the environment. Writing it down helps, taking photographs is even better. Photographs provide a good record of what’s there, but also note weather or noise levels that might have played a part. Avoid taking photos of the injured person themselves, as it can be distressing.

Give Them Your Contact Info

None of this can be of help to the person if they don’t know it exists. If possible, let the person know somehow that you witnessed the fall and would be willing to talk about it. Just a name and email will do. There’s no guarantee they will pursue a claim. If they do, though, you will be a valuable resource.

Dog, Attack

What to Do When You Witness a Dog Attack

Dog attacks happen everywhere, even in places like brampton that have established bans on dangerous breeds. As recently as summer of 2015, a vicious dog attack occurred on Burton Street and several people became involved. One man subdued the dog after seeing it turning on its owner in the middle of the night, and neighbours reported that the attack caused the victim a lot of damage. Had the victim not been the owner of the dog, they would have rightfully gotten in touch with a personal injury lawyer. Brampton has dog bites reported every year. What do you do if you witness one?

Get Emergency Help

Call 911 as soon as you can when you see anything more than a simple bite. If someone is severely injured, don’t try to move them as you may cause further damage. Let medical professionals aid the victim, and you can make sure that you contact information gets passed along so they can reach you later on. brampton personal injury lawyers deal with animal attack cases all the time, and do their best to get compensation for victims. You can help people get financial assistance for their injuries by coming forward as a witness to a dog attack.

Recording Your Account

After an individual or their family member is bit by a dog, they will typically contact personal injury lawyers. brampton offers a number of lawyers who are passionate about fighting for animal attack victims. As a witness to an attack, you can provide valuable insight that will help the victim or their family receive compensation for the injury or loss that occurred. Write down what happened as soon as you can and give your contact information to the victim or their family so they can reach out to you later for your story.

Wrongful, Death, claim

Reasons You Should Pursue a Wrongful Death Claim Even if You’re Not Sure about It

Having a loved one die in a terrible accident is never easy. The sudden and devastating loss can throw you for a loop and make it almost impossible to know what to do. Having good Hamilton personal injury Brampton by your side to guide you through the process can be exactly what you need to understand the process. You may not think it is worthwhile to pursue a wrongful death claim, but it could very well be the right choice for you to make. A family sued a Hamilton hospital after their son’s death, claiming the hospital didn’t do enough to protect him – they didn’t choose to let it go. There are a few reasons you should pursue a wrongful death claim even if you are not sure it’s worth it.

You Might Wind up Getting More Compensation Than You Expected

Maybe you know your loved one’s death was wrongful and due to someone else’s negligence, but you don’t think you will get any money from the settlement. The truth is that you could wind up getting a lot more compensation than you expect. When your loved one dies because of someone else’s negligence, you lose more than just a member of your family. You could lose out on wages and have to pay quite a bit of money for medical bills. All of these expenses can contribute to a larger compensation. Any personal injury lawyer Brampton has will be able to tell you how to go about figuring this out.

You Could Regret Not Doing so Later On

You might not want to dredge up bad memories by pursuing a wrongful death claim right away, only to wind up regretting it years down the road. It’s best to pursue the case just so you don’t have any regrets later on – and if you’re looking for local personal injury lawyers, Brampton has some of the very best ones out there.

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Rules That Every Parent Needs to Make for Their Home Pool

There are plenty of public pools in Ottawa that can serve a family well during the summer months. But, some families decide to get a home pool instead. This can be fun for family and friends of all kinds, but it’s always important to remember pool safety no matter how casual the setting might be. If a parent is going to be responsible for both their own kids and others, then it’s important to set a strict set of pool safety rules and to make sure that the kids abide by them.

No Running around the Pool

Every year in Ottawa, hundreds of cases are brought to law firms because someone suffered from a slip and fall accident around a pool. Floors can get slippery and dangerous around pools, so it’s always important that kids don’t run on those surfaces. A child can easily slip and fall and suffer from serious injuries. Keep kids safe by making sure they follow the rule of never running on wet and slippery surfaces.

Kids Shouldn’t Be Left Unattended

Even if there are other kids around to keep an eye on things and call out for an adult if they need help, it’s always a good idea to keep an adult near the pool at all times. If a child is in trouble, other kids might not notice right away or might not know what to do right away. Avoid situations where a child might get hurt by staying close to the pool at all times and keeping your eyes and ears open.

Always Have the Proper Safety Gear

Certain toys for the pool can not only be fun, but they can also be necessary. When it comes to younger children, or kids that might not be so great at swimming yet, it’s always important to keep the necessary safety gear around such as flotation toys. There are plenty of shops in Ottawa where a parent can purchase toys that can help keep swimmers of all ages safe in their pool.

Safe, Hiking, Autumn

Staying Safe While Hiking in Autumn

Autumn in Markham is absolutely gorgeous, and that’s why more and more individuals go out on a hike during this time period. While Markham might have a number of lovely hiking opportunities for you, that doesn’t mean that you can stop being vigilant in regards to your safety. Staying safe on a hiking trail is extremely important, and these tips can make it easy for you to avoid any personal injury along the way.

Bring a First Aid Kit

Bringing a first aid kit along on the trail is a smart choice, even if you’re determined to stay safe along the way. Minor scrapes and cuts will no longer be a problem, and running into a bush of poison ivy can be dealt with accordingly and without fail. A first aid kit will also give you enough of a chance to patch yourself up with only minor discomfort before you get back to civilization.

Wear the Appropriate Gear

Going hiking without the proper clothing or shoes is asking for trouble. You always want to make sure that you have the proper gear–and the properly working gear–in order to make your hiking experience extremely enjoyable along the way.

Avoid Bringing Too Much Food

Simple provisions for a day on the trail is a smart choice, but you don’t want to end up bringing far too much with you. This can end up attracting wild animals, and this can end up leaving you wide open for an animal attack if you’re out there with a great deal of food.

You should also avoid dropping or leaving food on the trail along the way. Doing this will attract animals, and the last thing that you want is a bear chasing you down while you’re trying to have a good time outside.

personal, injury

What You Need to Document After a Personal Injury

When you experience an injury because someone else acted recklessly or with negligence, you deserve compensation for your medical expenses, time lost from work, and other damages you had to unfairly undergo. In order to get your compensation, you’ll have to prove to the court that you weren’t at fault for your injury and what it’s cost you. Here are some of the most important things you’ll need to document.

Doctors’ Reports and Official Injury Reports

After an injury, you should see a private doctor (not a company doctor, especially if your injury happened on the job) and get a thorough assessment of your injuries. Make sure they note your immediate injuries and ideas they have about what kind of long-term injuries you might experience down the road. If you sustained an injury on the job, be sure to obtain a copy of the official injury report.

All Bills and Receipts Related to Your Injury and Damages

It may seem like common sense to some people who have been through an accident before, but it’s easy to forget to keep some of these papers handy. Set aside a folder or box to keep ALL bills and receipts related to your injury. Medical bills, therapy costs, bills that got paid late because you were out of work. All of these help to back up your claim and provide a point of reference for the court to figure out what is a fair amount of financial compensation for your injury.

Your Account of the Accident and Witness Accounts

One critical document that you absolutely want on your side is your account of the accident. Write it down as soon as you can after your injury while the details are fresh on your mind. If your case goes on for months or years, you’ll be grateful you wrote down what happened. Getting witnesses to sign and date their accounts can also help your case.

Child, Strange. Dog

What to Watch for When Your Child is Around a Strange Dog

If you aren’t watchful when your child is around a strange dog, you could wind up having to call a personal injury lawyer. Brampton , like all neighbourhoods in Toronto, has a strict ban on the ownership of pit bulls, dog breeds who have a notorious reputation for biting adults and children alike. Since the ban, dog bite reports have gone down, but it’s still important to keep a watchful eye on children while they’re around strange dogs.

Look for Tense, Alert Body Language

Friendly, submissive dogs will happily look away from people and children, sniff the ground, and pay no mind to strangers because they don’t feel threatened. Their tails will wag and they may pant and approach people to seek out attention. Threatened dogs will remain tense and alert, and keep their tails stiff. They will try to stand tall and assert that they are the boss, and will keep a close eye on those they feel are a threat to their territory or pack. If you see a dog acting like around your child, step in and remove the child from the situation before the dog lashes out. If you don’t learn to recognize dangerous body language in dogs, you could wind up having to hire one of the many personal injury lawyers Brampton has to offer to take up an animal attack claim.

Make Sure Your Child Approaches the Dog Correctly

Training kids how to behave around strange dogs is important, unless you want to start searching for an injury lawyer. brampton has a healthy population of pet dogs, and while most people train their dogs to act docile in public, any dog can become stressed and fearful if a child approaches it screaming and yelling. Teach kids to calmly and respectfully approach dogs with parental supervision.

Settlement, Win, case

Should You Seek a Settlement or a Win?

From the Spinal Cord Society of Canada headquarters to the headquarters of the Colleen Syrja Scholarship Fund, Thunder Bay has always been a community that cares deeply about society and about its residents. We try to bring that into our work by providing top notch legal advice and aid when in need. One issue that we see with our clients again and again is a question of settlement versus winning: which is better?

Wins Are Publicly Shaming

For a lot of people who file personal injury claims, it’s not enough that their expenses are paid for and they get something for the pain and suffering they and their loved ones went through. A lot of the time, they’re really looking for public blame. They want it on the record that the negligence of a third party hurt them. They want the responsible party to fry in the court of public opinion. Part of accepting a settlement is often agreeing not to talk about it anymore. They won’t be able to make it public, and they won’t be able to bring further attention to the matter.

Even though settlements are often accepted because of the guaranteed payouts, many people who accept them feel like they lost their right to speak out. It can haunt them if they feel they didn’t do enough.

Settlements Are a Sure Thing

Wins are a lot more difficult to obtain than settlements. No case is so airtight that there’s not a chance that the defendant will win. For this reason, most lawyers will recommend that their clients accept a settlement as long as it reaches a certain amount of money. That’s still considered a favourable outcome to the case, and that way the injured party is assured that they’re going to get something. If making sure that you get financial aid is most important to you, settlements are what you should be aiming for.


Unruly, Animal, pets

Reducing Your Liability When You Have an Unruly Animal

Keeping pets is a fun and rewarding activity. There’s a good reason why over 35% of Canadian households have a dog! Raising companion animals is not always as easy as it seems, however. What if your pet displays violent, unruly, or uncontrollable behavior? You may not want to get rid of the animal, but you also don’t want to be held liable if your pet attacks and injures somebody. In order to keep your pet safely, take these steps to keep your liability at a low level.

Keep a Well Maintained Fence On Your Property

Especially when dealing with dogs, make sure your property is well fenced. That means that it should be high enough that animals can’t jump over it. Make sure your dog can’t dig its way out, either. Repair any damage to your fence as soon as you see it. Holes that your dog can squeeze out of are no good, and should be patched right away. This reduces the likelihood that your animal will antagonize another.

Never Let Your Animal Out Around Strangers

Unruly animals are often very unpredictable around strangers and people they haven’t met before. If you aren’t careful, that could be the trigger for a vicious attack. Keep yourself and others safe by putting your pet up in a secure location when you’ll have new company over. Avoid taking your animal to loud places with lots of people. These simple steps can avoid an attack.

Maintain a Watchful Eye on Your Pet All the Time

Finally, keep in mind that it’s ultimately your responsibility to keep your pet from harming others. As long as you want to avoid an injury claim, you should always supervise your pet. Never leave them unattended with strangers or children. You can continue to enjoy your animal’s presence without concern. With these steps, you won’t need to worry about an unexpected attack.

Biking, injury. bicyclist

How to Easily Avoid Severe Injury While Biking

Living in and around Welland affords great opportunities for enjoying the outdoors. If you’re a bicyclist, you probably love the area for that. There’s plenty you can easily reach on your bike. You could even bike to Niagara Falls if you wanted! However, be aware of your own safety while biking. Unless you want to go to court for damages, you should try to avoid serious injury while biking in and around Welland. Here are a few good pointers to keep you in one piece.

Always Wear All of Your Safety Equipment

The first rule of bike safety is also the easiest one to follow: always wear your helmet and pads! There’s no telling when you’ll take a spill off your bike. It might be your fault or someone else’s. Either way, you don’t want to get a bad case of road rash when you fall. Wear your equipment securely every single time. Your life is worth the hassle.

Yield to Vehicles and Obey All Traffic Laws

Even though drivers are supposed to treat you as a vehicle too, not everyone does. That means that when in doubt, you should yield to the cars on the road. After all, you’re not going to come out of things very well if you tangle with a huge vehicle. Obey traffic laws as if you were a car, however. That way, you’ll be secure in knowing you’re being safe.

Don’t Let Yourself Become Distracted While Biking

Just like drivers need to avoid distractions, you need to do so as well on your bike. Don’t try to text your friend while coasting downhill. Don’t let your music prevent you from hearing emergency sirens. Keep your eyes on the road and your ears open. Avoiding distractions on your bike means avoiding injuries at the same time, too.