How to Easily Avoid Severe Injury While Biking

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Living in and around Welland affords great opportunities for enjoying the outdoors. If you’re a bicyclist, you probably love the area for that. There’s plenty you can easily reach on your bike. You could even bike to Niagara Falls if you wanted! However, be aware of your own safety while biking. Unless you want to go to court for damages, you should try to avoid serious injury while biking in and around Welland. Here are a few good pointers to keep you in one piece.

Always Wear All of Your Safety Equipment

The first rule of bike safety is also the easiest one to follow: always wear your helmet and pads! There’s no telling when you’ll take a spill off your bike. It might be your fault or someone else’s. Either way, you don’t want to get a bad case of road rash when you fall. Wear your equipment securely every single time. Your life is worth the hassle.

Yield to Vehicles and Obey All Traffic Laws

Even though drivers are supposed to treat you as a vehicle too, not everyone does. That means that when in doubt, you should yield to the cars on the road. After all, you’re not going to come out of things very well if you tangle with a huge vehicle. Obey traffic laws as if you were a car, however. That way, you’ll be secure in knowing you’re being safe.

Don’t Let Yourself Become Distracted While Biking

Just like drivers need to avoid distractions, you need to do so as well on your bike. Don’t try to text your friend while coasting downhill. Don’t let your music prevent you from hearing emergency sirens. Keep your eyes on the road and your ears open. Avoiding distractions on your bike means avoiding injuries at the same time, too.